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But when I read it, I said, “That’s who I want to play: the principal!” And they were surprised, but to their credit, I hope, they said, “All right, let’s do that.” But, yeah, I think you’re just looking for yourself and you’re hoping, especially when it’s a first time director like Daniel Barnz, you’re hoping that they’ve got some ideas.But on the third count Lampman was not entirely correct, for in addition to the volume of poems (Serres chaudes [1889]), the tragedy (La Princess Maleine [1890]) and the two short plays (LIntruse and Les Aveugles [1890]) to which he refers, Maeterlinck had published two other works by 1892, Les Sept Princesses (1891) and LOrnament des noces spirituelles de Ruystroeck LAdmirable (1891).

Funny thing, though, is that he handled the lateness of his call in such a charming manner that I feel like I should share it with you.! I’m just sitting here watching TV with my wife and daughter. BE: ("(Elle Fanning) manages to be different from her sister, but she’s just as talented, just in a different way. But without being one of those crazy automaton child actor types. I’m just wondering how it read, because it’s such a visual film and a film that derives a lot from its performances rather than its dialogue."In this age of instantaneous and universal communication literary reputations spring up and spread with bewildering rapidity," wrote Archibald Lampman in his At the Mermaid Inn column for March 12, 1892;"[just] now comes to us the fame of Maurice Maeterlinck, a very young Belgian poet, who was suddenly and enthusiastically hailed a short time ago as The Belgian Shakespeare.One of his short plays has just been translated and brought out in London, but it appears with only indifferent success.That’s what you’re worried about: that they’ll lose their childishness both on and off camera when you’re there. (Laughs) But, obviously, I’ve got a daughter, so I certainly loved it. CS: Well, it read well, and…also, you’re always a little selfish as an actor, I think, honestly. When you read something and someone’s asked you about something, you go through the script and you’re just looking at your part.And, in fact, they didn’t even…I can’t remember who they saw me as, but I don’t think they saw me as the principal at all.It was going to be bigger than "American Idol" or "The Voice," he told his victims, all women.


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