Utorrent eztv feed not updating who is dating tony frassrand

Feel free to suggest features that you'd like to see implemented!

When updating to a new version of Ya RSS2, remember to restart deluge (and the daemon if run separately). ing Plugins Read this if you have daemon/thin client setup Download: https://bitbucket.org/bendikro/deluge-yarss-plugin/downloads (Windows users need to check which installer they used (py26 or py27) to see which egg they need)Changelog: https://bitbucket.org/bendikro/deluge-yarss-plugin Wiki page: RSS2If you need something more advanced than Ya RSS2, Flex Get is the best alternative.

While the extension may give you an indication, you may still run into issues when you try to play a video file that you have just downloaded depending on which codec it requires to play.

One of the features of u Torrent is the ability to display the codecs required to play video files.

Ya RSS2 is the only alternative that can be administered through the GTK client, but if you aren't afraid of setting up everything manually (outside of Deluge) you should take a look.

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I get feed from I learnt one thing or two from here but not everything so my question still stands, I have yet to figure out how to ignore previous episodes.

I want to download small files from eztv, usually they are something like . HDTV and the episode is around 230mb, I don't want to download 1gb episodes. HDTV ) and how ofter you want to refresh the rss (like q Bittorrent.) And afaik this does not have the q Bittorrent bug. If you must stick to q Bit Torrent, then taking a cue from the 2nd link above, you could a.) first setup Flex Get b.) List items you want to download into a configuration file. This tutorial uses the same showrss site as you want.

For example if you go to 24 and click This seems to be an old bug in q Bittorrent client which is not yet marked as fixed. Basically, here you provide a folder where all .torrent files would be downloaded, e.g.

edit: some info - Python 2.6Deluge 1.3.4 on ubuntu Do you mean nothing happens when you click "Edit subscription"? Regex can be bit complicated, so I hope to include a different type of search (like some other plugins).

You can test a subscription by right clicking and choose "Run this subscription".


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