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Yazidi women aren’t veiled usually — they leave their faces open,” she reports.

“They were calling themselves Muslim (they’re not) and were referring to their captors as their husbands, not their rapists, and as Shahids, which means a martyr.” But the most shocking thing about the girls she saw wasn’t what they said, but the state they were in. People were talking all around them but they were out.” While Callimachi decided some girls clearly weren’t in a position to speak about their ordeal, one 16-year-old recently freed slave was open to having her story heard.

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In 2004, ICANN decided that new top level domains would either be ICANN-controlled ‘generic’ domains or ‘sponsored’ domains run by a private organisation for the benefit of a specific online community.

The decision has been a contentious one with strong disagreements between those in favour of the domain and those opposed to it.

Some in the adult industry are worried that the domain will ghettoise their content but anti-pornography groups opposed the decision too, arguing that it would make adult sites more visible.

As New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi discovered, the girls who survived are still so terrified — and traumatized — they won’t even acknowledge their freedom.

Callimachi visited some of the refugee camps outside Mosul as the girls were being reunited with their families for the first time, and said some were acting “abnormally.” “They were refusing to take off their niqabs.


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