Dating your quilt is hanging out and dating the same thing

If the quilt is a gift, the recipient's name can be included.If the quilt celebrates a special occasion or event, that should be included as well. A record of when the quilt was made and by whom is so very important. Fancy computer printed labels, preprinted labels and custom embroidered labels are all available. But, in my personal opinion, if you made the quilt, shouldn't you make the label?

Karen loves all types of quilting and flips back and forth between traditional and contemporary works.Darkness continued through the devastation of World War I.However, by the mid 1920s, quilt colors changed from the somber blacks and browns of mourning to a more cheerful palette of pastels made possible by advances in newer dyes.Often times, special quotes or Bible verses are included on the label.It really is important to think about what someone in the future might want to know about this quilt.Leigh at Heart Cottage Quilts has done a fantastic article about reproduction quilts.


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